100% Uptime Guarantee – Dedicated Server Mirroring solution

100% Uptime Guarantee on mirrored Dedicated Servers #

We have specially designed a Dedicated Servers Mirroring solution to provide 100% Uptime Guarantee. You can check detailed information on our Dedicated Server Mirroring solution at http://www.inslyHost.com/server-mirroring.php .

We setup 2 servers in 2 different data center buildings to implement Dedicated Servers Mirroring solution. This solution has been deployed by our Research & Development department using FAM and Rsync technology. Your 2 Servers will be setup on 2 different IPs, but the additional IPs added to the Server will be shared between both servers using our VLAN Networking architecture. If one server goes down for some reason then the second server will automatically bind IPs of the first server after downtime of 30 seconds with the first server. We have kept buffer of 30 seconds to avoid unwanted switching of IPs. IPs get switched only after 30 seconds failure in response from the master server.


FAM takes care of flagging a particular file on the master server as soon as a file gets modified, it then sends signal to Rsync and Rsync takes care of copying that particular file to the Slave Server. This method will successfully copy any modified file within fraction of seconds without using any server resources. Your slave server would constantly monitor your master server and it will bind the additional IPs immediately if it fails to get any ping response from the master server for 30 seconds.

Our internal monitoring system will notify our system admins about this failure of master server and we will then investigate and get the problem sorted to bring the setup back to Master -> Slave mode.

You will need to order 2 Dedicated Servers of similar specifications to have such a Server Mirroring solution. You may prefer to have higher specification Dedicated Server for the Master server and lower specification Dedicated Server for the slave server, but we recommend 2 Dedicated Servers of similar specifications for better performance and redundancy.

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