503 Error – Service Unavailable | IIS Application Pool Issue

Upon migrating your website data from a server to the other, you might come across an error that says “503 Error – Service Unavailable” when you try to browse your site. You may also find it in the IIS Management Console that the application pool for the website isn’t responding. Despite all the efforts that you take to restart the application pool, there isn’t an expected improvement and the site on a web hosting  server remains inaccessible.

The below error can be seen in the Event Viewer :

The Module DLL C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\rewrite.dll failed to load. The data is the error. #

Such an error is displayed mainly because your website tries to access the IIS rewrite module that practically isn’t installed on the Destination server ie. the new server. Upon investigating the IIS Roles and Features, you would realise that both ie. the source server and the destination server are playing the same roles and features. Moreover, the IIS on the destination Server does not contain the Rewrite module.

Solution :

Inorder to resolve this issue, you need to install the IIS Rewrite modules independently. It is because of the IIS URL Rewrite module that the server admins are able to set rules for implementing URL’s which are complicated hence making it simpler for the search engines as well as the humans to understand.

Note : Once you have successfully installed the module onto the New Server, you should restart the IIS Server to apply the changes.

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