Access to Edit php.ini File

Q. Do you Allow Access to Edit php.ini File? #

Ans: We don’t allow php.ini access to accounts hosted on Shared Hosting/Reseller Hosting Servers. You can enable or disable various php.ini functions through .htaccess of your account, you can also enable/disable safe mode, register globals, sessions and many other functions through .htaccess.

We have a couple of shared hosting servers running PHPSuExec reserved for clients who need access to edit php.ini file. Clients whose accounts are setup on one of these servers can create a file named “php.ini” and put whatever configuration settings you need to change in it, in the usual php.ini form.

If you need php.ini access for some other reason then you can also consider some of the other Inslyhost Hosting services like VPS HostingCloud ServerseNlight Cloud or Dedicated Servers as you get full root access to your server along with a dedicated hosting environment to work with.

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