Apache mod_rewrite

Q. Is Apache mod-rewrite enabled on all cPanel hosting Servers? #

Ans. Apache mod_rewrite is enabled on all cPanel hosting servers. You can view “phpinfo” on one of our servers at:

mod_rewrite rules need to be added .htaccess file which is located in your public_html directory. You will need to take a look at .htaccess generator guidelines to add the rules in your .htaccess. Mostly you will get the code from the CMS or script you are using so you can add that directly in your .htaccess or generate custom code using the .htaccess generator mentioned in tutorials section of our forum.

The Apache Web server’s mod rewrite module gives you the ability to easily redirect one URL to another URL, without getting noticed by the visitor on your website. This opens up various possibilities, from simply redirecting old URLs to new addresses using 301 redirects, or cleaning up the ‘dirty’ URLs initiated through a poor publishing system — giving you web URLs that are friendly to both readers and the search engines.

Introduction to Mod_rewrite #

Readable URLs look good. A properly designed website will have a systematic directory and URL structure, with smart folder names and file names, and many implementation details left out as possible. In the most properly designed websites, visitors can guess at filenames with a better level of success.

However, there are many cases where the best possible information design can not stop your websites URLs from being impossible to use. For instance, you may be using a CMS (Content Management System) that serves out web URLs which look similar to following :-


This URL looks horrible, but it is becoming increasingly prevalent today due to dynamically generated web pages. There are numerous problems with an URL of such kind.

Mod_rewrite helps you to convert above URL type into predictive and Search Engine Friendly URLs without making any impact on your Search Engine Rankings. Good knowledge of mod_rewrite is must for a skilled Webmaster. Many CMS providers have started offering tools which help you to convert dynamic URLs into static and search engine friendly URLs. VBSEO offers plugin to convert vBulletin forum URLs into static .html URLs which are liked by Search Engines. WordPress has inbuilt permalink tool which allows you to choose type of permalinks as per your preference.

All Linux cPanel shared web hosting servers of inslyHost support mod_rewrite.

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