Avoid Downtime When Migrating to a New Web Host

Most of the times customers avoid the migration of their websites from one web host to another due to the downtime issues. However, dynamic migration from one web hosting provider to another provider can be smooth and quick, depending on the level of services you receive from that hosting company. Migrating your website becomes essential, when your current web host is not able to fulfill the growing requirements of your website. High requirements such as additional bandwidth and disk space are the two most major concerns along with the service quality that you get.

When a move becomes inevitable, you need to program it in a smart way, before you start facing such major issues related to the services. Once you figure out your new web hosting provider, automatically things become very simple and logical. Ensure to clarify all your current as well as future hosting requirements that you may need. This will ensure that things won’t go wrong in future even if your requirements increase.

The very first thing you should do is to take a complete backup of your website data, database and email accounts on your local system. To be on a safer side, you can also take multiple backups and store those on different locations. In order to do website and database related changes, many clients sense the transition period from one web host to another.

Usually, people do not bother to go through the boring and lengthy Terms and Conditions the web hosting companies provide. Going through the terms and conditions of the service provider should be your first step before signing the contract and paying for the services. Web hosting reviews sites and webmaster forums can be a good place to know more about the services provided by the company.

Normally, it takes 24-48 hrs for DNS to propagate fully. In such cases, to avoid the downtime, a domain redirect should be used for your older website. The hosting plan you choose should be superior to your old plan in terms of features, add-ons and support that were previously lacking. Ensure that you are done with theses activities, and once it is fully done you can upload your website data on the new web hosting servers and check if your website is functioning properly. Now, you can entirely migrate your website to your new web hosting provider.

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