Backup and Restore osCommerce

Backup and Restore osCommerce Hosted on your server #

Primarily, it is required for you to be aware about what you intend to backup or restore. Whether you wish to backup only the database or intend to take a backup of the settings and the other things as well, this need to be decided before proceeding any further.

How to Backup or restore osCommerce files? #

For backing up the osCommerce files on your local machine, you must have an FTP client. You must then look for the osCommerce application folder on the server and download it onto the local machine to the desired destination drive.

How to Back up and restore an osCommerce database using SSH? #

If you have a Linux Dedicated Hosting or a Cloud Hosting package from Inslyhost, you can backup or restore your osCommerce database using SSH, please visit the following : Back up and restore a database on Dedicated server using SSH

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