Backup Database from PHPMyAdmin

How to Backup Database from PHPMyAdmin #


You are able to backup databases in a variety of ways, one of which is via the Backup Facility with cPanel but there are other alternatives to Backup MySQL databases without the need of that facility on its own. You can backup via phpMyAdmin in the Export section of the facility. Just like the backup facility in cPanel, it can give backups to you as a .tar.gz format which means you’ll be able to restore it via the cPanel facility if you need to do so.
• Once you’ve accessed the phpMyAdmin facility go into the database (empty or otherwise) and from the top menu click Export.
• Scroll down on that page until you get to a ‘Save as file’ option and select ‘gzipped’ and leave the settings as default.
• Click ‘Go’

To restore via the phpMyAdmin facility unfortunately you’ll already need the database setup to restore the inner contents, such as the tables, etc. So create a new database (name it the same as the database name that you backed up previously). Once you’ve created the database and you’re inside it, from the top menu again click Import.
• Simply select ‘Browse’ and find the relevant gzipped file, and leave all settings as default.

If all goes well you should see the contents of the database all there. Remember just like the cPanel backup facility, if you use usernames for each database you’ll need to set that up individually, for instance if you restored the backup via the cPanel facility. Make sure you re-connect the username and database together.

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