Backup your WordPress site

How to back up WordPress website ? #

With the growth of your wordpress website, increasing number of data and information gets accumulated and stored your your server. In the back-end, the database too keeps on growing with new posts, webpages and visitor-comments.

It does not matter how reliable WordPress Hosting company is, it is your responsibility to take steps on your part to safeguard your data. It is a crucial aspect as a webmaster to keep your data of WordPress database and other files backed-up which can help you restore them if at all there is a disaster strike.

Though there are few WordPress plugins that can help you take a full back-up of your website, but it is equally simple to take a manual back-up to help avoid the chance of a plugin malfunction.

Step 1 : Taking a Back Up of Files #

Inorder to take a manual back-up of your WordPress files, an FTP client is required. You must establish connection with the host’s FTP server, then search for the WordPress installation directory. It the WordPress installation has been done by you, this should be an easy task, else you’ll need to find the file. You should find a folder named “WordPress”.

You must download the complete directory to your local machine.

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