Build a Website with simple & easy to use website builder

1. Who is Build a Website for?
Build a Website is aimed for those who want to create a website but do not have the technical experience to do so. Build a Website is a simple, integrated website hosting product that incorporates a full-featured website builder that works through your Web browser (the software you use to access websites) – so, there is no software you need to install on your computer. At just £3.49 per month, Build a Website is perfect for individuals and small businesses.

2. What is included in Build a Website bundle?
Build a Website includes everything you need to get started with your own website – a website address(Domain Name), a website builder tool, and e-mail. All websites hosted through ‘Build a Website’ are hosted on our reliable and redundant “VMware cloud” infrastructure. What this means is that there is more than one back-end server that is making sure your website stays online, and remains fast and responsive at all times.

3. Can I create my own online store using Build a Website?
An eCommerce module powered by a third party eCommerce service provider called Ecwid comes bundled with Build a Website. Their free plan allows you to add up to 10 products to sell. If you would like to list more products to sell through your eCommerce store or would need features like coupon codes, tiered pricing and multi-storefront tracking, you will need to consider purchasing a paid plan which starts at $15 USD per month (which is around £9.75 per month, but this is subject to change as currency rates change all the time). Your Ecwid eCommerce store is integrated directly into your website. All the products which you add via Ecwid will be added to your website’s storefront immediately.

4. Are there any penalties to shift a domain name if the client chooses to leave?
Because Build a Website is offered on a monthly payment basis, we have certain conditions regarding the free domain name which we also offer with the product. If you decide to cancel your product within six months, you will need to pay for the domain name if you would like to use the domain name elsewhere (e.g. move your domain name to another registrar). The rates are fixed from the point of placing an order even if they change in the future. The rates are detailed in our supplementary terms of service ( As of writing, the rates are currently £8.98 for generic top-level domains like .com, .net and .org and £10 for country-code top-level domains like However, if you cancel your Build a Website product after six months (or on the sixth payment cycle), the domain name automatically becomes yours meaning you can move it to another registrar and use it elsewhere if you wish.

5. Is there the facility to incorporate sub-pages?
Yes, you can change the hierarchy of pages via the website builder. When you do this, the sub-pages would appear in the sub-menu of a particular menu item.

6. Can contact forms be made functional / embedded in the site?
There is a ‘Contact Form’ module which you can add to specific pages in the website builder. You can add and remove form fields, whether certain fields need to be filled out and whether certain fields are valid (e.g. if it is an e-mail field, it will check whether the e-mail address looks valid – [email protected] versus [email protected] as an example). Lastly, you can change the message which is displayed to users which have sent an e-mail through the form.

7. Is it possible to add imagery / patterns to the backgrounds?
Yes it is possible to use images as the site background, as well as the background for different parts of your website – such as the content area. You can also choose to ’tile’ the background image which would repeat the background image which is useful if you have a patterned background image you’d like to use.

8. Can the site be fully styled (padding, margins, font packaged, etc)?
You can change the padding and margin of various parts of the website builder, such as between the content area and the sidebar(s), the content area and the header, and so forth. You can also change the styling and font used in the menu and change the styling, font and colour scheme of the entire website. There are also many pre-made colour schemes you can choose from. However, you cannot currently change the margin on text which is set as a heading (i.e. Heading 1 or Heading 2 text) and whether links are underlined or not (except for the upper menu, where you can indeed change the styling and appearance of the links – bold, underline, italicised, colour and background – including the appearance on “hover” and when the menu item is “active”).

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