Burstable RAM with VPS Hosting

Q. What is burstable RAM in VPS Hosting? #

Ans. Burstable RAM can be provided to users of Virtual Private Servers. Each Virtual Private Server has a guaranteed amount of RAM that it’s able to use at all times. At times it is possible that the usage may exceed the allotted amount of guaranteed RAM available, this is when Burstable RAM comes into play. Burstable RAM is provided to the user during times of high usage or traffic. This RAM is not in use by any VPS on a server and can be allocated to any VPS that may need it as long as it is available. So as long as those resources are available, you as a user will be able to go over that limit of guaranteed RAM.

In other words Burstable RAM is the RAM your VPS has the ability to use but it isn’t guaranteed to. Basically it’s for spikes in usage not consistent usage like Guaranteed RAM. For Example your if VPS has 384 MB Guaranteed RAM, and 1024MB Burstable RAM. This means that after you have used up your guaranteed ram, there is still 640MB Burstable RAM available for burst usage. For this reason we always keep some extra memory available on each server at all times as Burstable RAM.

Burstable RAM is never guaranteed to be available and should not be constantly depended upon for Virtual Private Server operation. If your VPS constantly requires greater resources than your package guarantees, we can quickly arrange an upgrade for you to a VPS Hosting plan with greater guaranteed resources.

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