Can I password protect certain pages of my website?

Q. Can I restrict access to certain pages of my website? #

Ans. Usually, you want as many people as possible to read your pages. There are however some exceptions where you want only a select group of people to be able to access certain pages of your website. For this purpose, HTTP user authentication was designed.

With User Authentication you can specify that only certain people can access your pages, based on :

  • Username/password-level access authorization.
  • Rejection or acceptance of connections based on Internet address of client.
  • A combination of the above two methods.

Web Pages can also be password protected where a user has to supply a username and password to gain access to certain areas. You can password protect various folders on your website to restrict access to such web pages. A protected folder would restrict access to all of the web pages contained within that folder. This ensures complete data security from anonymous users.

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