Change an Account Package in WHM

The following tutorial shows the process of upgrading and downgrading a cPanel account in WHM.

This feature is crucial at the time when you need varying predefined resource limits for your accounts. This is especially useful for reselling hosting where clients need to resource quotas adjusted as their business and site grows in popularity.

Upgrading and Downgrading an Account #

Here is how you need to begin both for upgrading and downgrading an account. Although there are many methods to this function, we have used the ‘List Account’ page.

To begin:

Log in to ‘WHM’ on your server

Type ‘list’ into the search box. Select the List Account from the Menu

Once you are into the list account page, filter the results and find the account you’d like to adjust.

Click the ‘[+]’ button to select the account.

The account area function will expand and you can see the “Change Plan” Button. Click on it.

Select the package you’d like to change the account. Next, click the “Upgrade/Downgrade” button.


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