Configure Background Process Killer in WHM.

On my occasions you might have noticed that users are running unwanted or malicious application on servers which they should not run at all.

To prevent users from running such applications which are against your service policy you can configure WHM to kill background processes which are initiated by users on the dedicated servers.

If any of the users is running such a process then WHM will automatically detect it and kill the process even if the process is renamed and send you an email about the same.

Follow the given steps to configure WHM: #

1. Login to WHM as root user. #

2. Go the System Health option (See  below) #

3. Select the Background process Killer option #

Here, you can check all the listed programs. WHM suggest that it is better to select all of these since many of them are related IRC (Internet Relay Chat) which often leads to DDoS attacks. #

4. If you want to add exceptions then you can add those in the box one per line. By default WHM ignores root, mysql, named, cpanel, and users with UIDs below 99 and need not be added to the exceptions again. #

5. When you are done adding you can click on SAVE to configure the task in WHM. Here you’ll get a notification of the process. #

The process is now setup. You have configured WHM to kill unwanted background processes. #

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