Configure Your MX Records to point to Gmail

How To Configure Your MX Records to point to Gmail ? #

Inorder to use gmail as your primary email provider for your business website, you are required to get registered with Google Apps. Once done, you must make amendments to the MX records set for your website inorder to use Gmail for business communications.

If you use any of our Linux based cheap hosting servers with a cPanel, you’d find an option titled ‘MX Entry‘ in the panel. From there, you can clear all the MX record entries and populate them with the Google Apps Mail MX records as listed below :

Following is a step-by-step procedure to change MX Records and point them to Google Mail :

Step 1 : In cPanel look for the option MX Entry and click it

Step 2 : Select Remote Mail Exchanger

Step 3 : Hit the Change button

Step 4 : In the ‘Add New Record‘ area you must make the following entries with the stated priorities :

MX Records Priority

This concludes the configuration of MX records to point to Google. It may take 24-48 hours for the propagation.

If you encounter an issue with emails, you may contact our Support Department by either means ie. via. Live Chat or via. Ticketing System. We would be glad to assist you with sorting the issues.

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