Configuring a Subdomain to a Different IP Address

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to configure a subdomain to a different IP address through the WHM control panel. Usually, it is mostly used by the online websites having a shopping cart.

For example: If is you main site hosted on server “ABC” and the shopping cart “shop” is hosted on the server “XYZ”, and if you wish to show is also hosted on the dedicated server “XYZ”, you will need to setup a subdomain pointing to a separate IP address.

Requirements for Setting up a Subdomain to a Different IP Address: #

  • Cpanel Control Panel Access
  • WHM Access
  • Different IP Address or Hostname

Step 1: Log in to your WHM control panel. In the left pane, under the DNS Fuctions, click on the Edit DNS Zone option as shown in the image below.


Step 2: Now, scroll the page and come to the section “Add New Entries Below this Line”. Here we are going to “Add the A Record”. In order to create a new A record, type “shop” in the first box under the “Add New Entries Below this Line”. From the dropdown menu select “A” as record type. Once you select the A record it will show another box infront of the drop down menu. Enter the IP Address or hostname to in order to mask/point it. (See image below)


Step 3: Make sure that subdomain with similar name doesn’t exists in the users account or the mask will not work as it should.

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