cPanel is the best

Best-known control panel is cPanel or simply called as Control Panel. cPanel is a Linux based web hosting control panel, used for graphical interface and automation tools. These automation tools and GUI are designed to simplify the process of hosting a site. cPanel is widely used by webmasters and web designers who have the budget. Based on a 3 tier structure it provides functionality to resellers, administrators and other web site owners to control many kind of aspects hosting through a standard web browser. Other the GUI cPanel also has API and command line access, which allows web hosting organizations, developers and third party software vendors to automate standard system administration processes. As for now, cPanel only works fulltime on Linux. FreeBSD, Red Hat Linux and CentOS are the flavors supported by cPanel. cPanel is designed to work either as a dedicated server or virtual server. Mostly cPanel is usually interfaced with the end user via ports 2082 and 2083, authentication is done through surfing to a specific web page & logging in. cPanel is easy to use because is based on graphics. Considered very intuitive from experts to beginners who use cPanel is the best. If your wish is to set up mailing list, set up a blog or php link directory or any other basic content management system cPanel is the best option for you.

Start right away by clicking on the happy face icon in the cPanelused by Fantastic. You will see a list of software grouped in various topics. It offers an easy setup and tracking system for anything you wishing to add on the Internet. This helps out webmasters to concentrate more on the content and quality of the website, not on the technical issues. With cPanel, managing MySQL is a kid’s job. cPanel is very much helpful to the hosting companies as it is easy to use , so there will not be help requests from confused people. Maintenance of email accounts is done by using three different web interfaces for retrieval via the web of email coming into the account. Some other features of cPanel are adding and influencing databases, managing PGP keys, setting up crontab tasks, raising and lowering email quotas, FTP tasks. Using Fantastico, several add-on scripts automate upgrades and installations many applications like WordPress, Joomla, TikiWiki, SMF and phpBB. These applications are some of the most famous in hosting services. You can choose from over 50 other scripts that are constantly updated.

There is a big drawback with cPanel that it ishackers dream. cPanel is easy to be hacked down. The ease of making sub-domains using cPanel continues to be exploited. Hacking is an expandable phenomenon. Another caution to be taken is vigilance of the website, to avoid being suspended due to phishing. It goes like this – a hacker will set up a sub-domain called, and point unsuspecting victims to the sub-domain on your site by the use of bulk email. Your site will disappear a few days later. An email will be sent to you from the respective hosting company you are hosted with, where the web hosting company will shut you down due to phishing. Once you receive the email, go back to cPanel and click on sub-domains button. It will show all the domains and the infected domains as well which is responsible for phishing. Remove the contents using FTP and delete the sub-domain through cPanel. If somehow you are not able to delete it then contact the hosting company. One more important thing is that make sure that your password is secure, because it will be tossed like a football in the backyard and that is unsafe for your website. It is clear that – What makes cPanel so easy is, what  it makes  so easy to be hacked. This is the only drawback in this great piece of software.

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