DDoS Attacks Defined

Every website owner smiles when they get tons of traffic to their Website. To bring traffic,many of them do whatever they can do to grab the opportunity in a hope that someone will find a product of his interest on their website. Its the idea, which is obvious, but in reality that the traffic of all types may not be very good if it is not targeted traffic. However, there are ways in which traffic is transfer to sites and one of them are DOS attack. There is real difference between this one and others, you can simply say, it is more brutal than others.

What is a DOS Attack?

DOS attack makes the web server down, because it is overwhelmed with traffic that can actually be regarded as useless. There are several types of DOS attacks such as Teardrop and Ping of Death. What they actually do is take advantage of the limitations of TCP/IP. However, there are software which fixes the administrator to manage their systems to reduce the damage done by DOS attacks by web hackers.

These attacks keep the site functioning correctly and generally focus on large sites such as banks and credit card sites. The Teardrop attack sends IP fragments with huge payloads that overlap in their target machine. Several operating systems are vulnerable to this type of attack and can crash the entire system.

There is also an attack called the Smurf attack in which it overwhelmed the Internet by sending packets of information sent to the host computer on a given network. It’s one of those methods in which it is a site receives a lot of traffic but no traffic is legitimate. SYN flood is another attack that deluge the web servers to appear as legitimate traffic. This is a form of DOS attack in which hacker sends a series of SYN request to a target’s system. But this is a well known attack and nowadays generally not effective against modern networks.

The differences are fairly clean in that DOS attacks are a means by which hackers maliciously overflood the system with fake traffic and can effectively disable a website. This is not a valid way to increase traffic. Yet, as with any system which is a Internet-based system, there are always ways to compromise its original intention. And DOS attacks are always intended to do malicious Web attack.

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