Do you have an affiliate program?

Q. Do you have an affiliate program? #

Ans. We do have an affiliate program. Please visit InslyHost Affiliate Program to sign-up and get started with your affiliate account.

Our affiliate program is ideal for webmasters who wish to earn by referring their customers to our web hosting service but do not wish to get bothered for support by their customers. We offer 20% commission on all sign-ups so this is an ideal opportunity for those webmasters who run web designing and development business to earn referral commission on each web hosting plan sign-up.

All you need to do is signup for the affiliate program and put the Affiliate URL on your website to refer your customers to our web hosting services. Once your visitors click on the affiliate URL then a cookie is setup in their browser which is tracked by our affiliate tracking system. When we get a referral sign-up through your affiliate link, then your Affiliate account is credited and you are paid through Paypal on every 10th of respective month.

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