Do you offer Server Co-location service ?

Q. Do you offer Co-location service? If yes then are the co-located servers fully managed like your dedicated server plans? #

Ans. We can quote on this, but a co-located server is an unmanaged solution. We would simply provide a network connection and the rack space itself – you would be responsible for:
1) Sourcing hardware to install
2) Providing a router/firewall
3) Fixing the hardware if it failed 24/7
4) Providing the ability to reboot hardware
5) Things like inserting CDs, using KVMoIP
6) Providing a switch, graphing bandwidth
7) Monitoring your servers

We do not offer management service for co-located servers. You will need to have your staff member or yourself to take care of any hardware or software problems for your server. We offer only reboot and rack space for co-location servers.

If you are interested in this then let us know how much would be your bandwidth requirement for co-located servers. Our dedicated servers are a better option in comparison with co-location as our dedicated servers are fully managed servers with 24×7 phone support, live chat support and help desk.

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