Do you support Custom Error Pages?

Do you support Custom Error Pages? #

Ans. You can create your own custom error pages for your website with our web hosting service. Custom error pages is a feature which allows you to replace default error messages with the customized ones you create. The default error messages tend to be fairly generic, and not particularly user-friendly, so making custom messages for a site is recommended nowadays. The error can be caused by different things, the most common is the 404 – File Not Found error. So when a user types in the wrong URL, or enters incorrect information you can inform them with using nice looking error pages than the plain old ones like 400 Bad request, 401 Authorization Required, 403 Forbidden, 404 Wrong page, 500 Internal Server Error etc.

What should be on a Custom Error Pages?
That depends on the error code. For instance information which you can add for someone who gets a 404 error is:

  • A suggestion to re-check the spelling
  • Links to some of the more important links on the web site
  • Your email address so they can mail you if they think there is a problem
  • Other contact information – especially if this is a business or organization web site

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