Domain Registration terms and conditions

Q. Who would be the registered owner of the domain you offer with your packages? Will I be able to transfer this domain later to another host, or put it into my name? Is this the same if I add a address later, will I be the registered owner with nominet, or will inslyhost? #

Ans. You are legal owner of the domain name and you will remain the registered owner. You can carry your domain name with you, if you decide to cancel the hosting account with us. We will reduce some amount from the hosting fees if you decide to take advantage of our 30 day money back guarantee, as domain registration fees cannot be refunded. domains are registered using your name as the registrant name which cannot be changed easily. Whois information is set to your address by default for domains as the domains are not allowed to be registered under our whois info. You can request our billing department to change the whois information once the domain name is registered but the registrant name will remain as the name on the billing account.

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