DotNetPanel Windows Hosting

inslyHost has now launched Windows Shared Hosting & Windows Reseller Hosting with DotNetPanel control panel. DotNetPanel is unique feature-rich solution for simplifying Windows hosting management operations. It manages multiple servers, has robust, scalable and secure architecture, it’s very simple in use and offers unique & competitive features.

Some of the important features of DotNetPanel

Ease of Use
The installation process is quick and easy. You don’t need to spend days to make your control panel work for you!

DotNetPanel uses the most advanced security technologies like asymmetric cryptography, Web Services messages signing and process isolation.

DotNetPanel is a truly distributed, scalable, n-tier application.

DotNetPanel structure at inslyHost

DotNetPanel is a secure and flexible hosting management solution which supports multiple servers in a cluster. At inslyHost , we have implemented DotNetPanel for Windows Shared hosting & Windows Reseller hosting with Active Directory integration. We have installed individual service on one server and clubbed all other services under DotNetPortal to manage all hosting plans effectively.

The inslyHost structure with specifications of services is listed below:-

How inslyHost DotNetPanel Structure works :-

DotNetPanel has 3 separate web applications:

• DNP Web Portal
• DNP Standard Server
• DNP Server

Web Portal – DotNetPanel Web Portal is a control panel interface which works with port 9001; users and resellers can manage user accounts, hosting spaces, web sites, FTP accounts, files etc through this interface.

Standard Server – Standard Server license is a central application of the DotNetPanel system, this helps Portal and DNP server to manage web hosting operations and remote services. It also includes all business logic of the application and maintains DotNetPanel meta-data database. Enterprise Server manages remote servers through SOAP Web Services.

Server – DotNetPanel Server is a non-visual application representing a set of web services and currently hosted in IIS. DotNetPanel Server receives requests from DotNetPanel Enterprise Server and performs all low-level operations (creating web sites, FTP accounts, mail boxes, databases, etc.) on the server.

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