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FAQ’s on E-commerce Cloud Hosting Solutions: #

1. Does inslyhost provide cloud hosting solutions for small e-commerce shops? #

Ans: Yes, we do provide cloud hosting services for all types of e-commerce websites. Our cloud solutions are ideal for small as well as large e-commerce businesses.

2. Does cloud hosting cost more for larger e-commerce websites? #

Ans: Cloud Hosting is an ideal solution for e-commerce due to the recurring nature of the business. Most of the online stores, vendors and retailers usually have huge amount of traffic to their online shops during the launch of new products and holiday season, that needs additional resources to fulfill their increased necessity for a very short-term. Our cloud hosting services allow businesses to add computing resources to cover their additional needs. Customers can upgrade resources like CPU, Memory, Space and Bandwidth on their Cloud Server anytime. This is why this service is known as a perfect solution for e-commerce.

3. Does #

inslyhost #

inslyhost #

cloud hosting aid e-commerce business during their peak times of the year? #


Ans: Yes, we do help our clients in all possible ways. An e-commerce business might see a huge increase in traffic during the peak times ie. in the month of November and December. Our Cloud Hosting enables the companies to upgrade their required resources for those months to meet their traffic necessity and once the demand period is over, they can downgrade those resources.

4. Why many of the large e-commerce sites do not use cloud services? #

Ans: Many of the biggest e-commerce businesses are not aware of new technologies coming in web hosting industry, and the lack of knowledge may be one of the reasons they are unable to switch to cloud services. It is being said that by the end of year 2012, around 80 percent of businesses would be running on cloud hosting services. Hence, switching now to cloud hosting would be good decision and will help you in gaining knowledge about the new technologies in cloud computing.

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