E-mail PolicyQ. What is your email use policy?

Q. What is your email use policy? #

Ans. We do not allow sending of unsolicited bulk emails or commercial information over the Internet. Bulk e-mailing creates problem for our network resulting in blacklisting of our IPs addresses and subnet.

We reserve the right to suspend a server or an account of a customer in the event of bulk transmissions of unsolicited emails via the customer’s server or account and/or advertising products or services provided by the customer or by one of the customer’s accounts.

If your server, one of the accounts on your server, or IP range(s) associated with your server are found to have been listed on any of the RBL lists provided by SPAM blocking organizations, we will take action in having these listings removed by allowing you 24 hours time to rectify the sending source on the server. Full cooperation is expected from the customer in having these listings removed, as to prevent any of the above mentioned unpleasant actions.

we have set a limit of 200 outgoing emails per hour on Shared hosting and Reseller hosting, 500 outgoing emails per hour on VPS Hosting, 1000 outgoing emails per hour on Cloud Hosting and Semi Dedicated Hosting and 3600 outgoing emails per hour on Dedicated Hosting to avoid any sort of email spamming from our servers.. We work hard to maintain a clean network and if we ever get any spam complaint or any other genuine spam complaint then the only option that we find is to suspend account of the customer responsible for spamming.

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