Ease the login process by adding Social Logins to WordPress.

Many websites require users to create an account in order to get access to the website or use its services. Although this is a necessity for ensuring that only legitimate users access the website and it is free of spam but it also irks some users and leads to reduced sign ups.

Getting users to sign-up is essential; however, many people do not like the idea of creating a new account and going through the cumbersome process again and again for different websites they use. Due to this they often choose to move away to other websites which does not do any good to either of the parties.

According to a research, many people go away from a website simply because they had to create a new account. An average user has to remember five passwords and adding any more creates trouble for them. Simultaneously making it easier for users to sign up using social logins or their already existing accounts increases the sign up rate and also makes it easier for the user to manage their accounts.

If you also wish to add social logins to your websites or blogs then you can also do so. Simply follow these steps and use the mentioned plugin on your WordPress website to add social logins.

WordPress makes lot of things possible with the help of plugins and for this purpose you can use the Nextend Google Connect Plugin which is free and allows your users to login using their Google account or other social accounts.

Simply install the plugin and configure to allows users to login using any of their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter or Google +. The existing users can also link their accounts to their Google profile so that next time they can easily login from their Google account.

For website owners who want to encourage users to register on their website but don’t know how to get them to do it can surely try this feature and get better sign up rates compared to the whole account creating process.

If you are unable to implement this on your website or need help with WordPress then you can post in our Web Hosting Forum and we’ll try to answer your queries and for other web hosting service related issues you can contact us via Live Chat or Phone.

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