Ensuring Server Security Layers

Preventing attacks on your server is one of the most important thing to consider when you have any sensitive information, which you don’t want to share with any one. Security is the most vital concern for any server that connects to the Internet. Once your web server is connected to the internet, you will have to face hackers and attackers trying to compromise its integrity. Whether your server will  attacked or not is a later concern, but what important is that are you ready to defend against it ?

There are many different ways and security measures you can take to prevent attacks from harming your data. The best way is to setup several security layers to defend. If a attacker wants to gain access to your server, he/she only requires to past your firewall or your password. Following are some server security layers which can be applied to your server to prevent attacks on your server:

1) You can use a secure, well configured router in order to prevent attackers trying to breach your server.

2) In terms of physical security, keep server rooms fully equipped with some kind of security systems, so that no one can enter the server room without your permission.

3) Another way is to use a powerful application firewall that can prevent users accessing your website via normal means, like HTTP protocol. An example of application firewall can be “ModSecurity”.

4) Most of times the attackers look for a security hole, so it is always recommended to keep your applications and operating systems up-to-date with latest updates and patches.

5) Detection and prevention software – These days many companies have unveiled various security software’s such as malware and virus detectors, BF Detection, DDoS detection and many other which are very much useful in detecting attacks and preventing them.

6) It is always advisable not to miss the basic security layers when configuring your server. Ignoring the basic security settings could lead you to extreme issues in future. Take your own time, prepare well to defend the attacks and perform update check to receive new updates and patches for your dedicated server operating systems and applications.

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