Africa Reseller Hosting with Billing Software for Account Management

Hosting multiple domains is one feature that many web developers seek in a shared hosting plan, but the feature is often very limited, as all the domains have to be hosted under a single account. Reseller hosting takes this concept further by allowing you to provide an individual hosting account for each domain that you wish to host; these web hosting accounts can be based on your own web hosting plans so that you can maintain a level of consistency across the board. A reseller account is a good point to start from if you wish to develop your own web hosting business because you will have a platform on which you can create hosting accounts instantly and manage resources so that you can turn over a profit each month.

Reseller web hosting from inslyHost provides generous resource assignments that will allow for the hosting of several websites under a single reseller hosting account; a web-based control panel is provided with all of our reseller services so that you can manage your own reseller account whilst providing an interface through which your own clients can manage their own shared hosting accounts. As a Windows reseller, you will have the choice of either DotNetPanel or Plesk; both accounts provide the same feature set at heart, with an emphasis being put on how the applications can be used to manage Windows-specific features such as ASP.NET configurations and MSSQL databases. Linux reseller users can manage their accounts using the WHM (Web Host Manager) control panel, an interface that has been designed specifically for server administrators and resellers; your own hosting customers can manage their own accounts through the cPanel control panel that accompanies WHM.

All inslyHost reseller hosting accounts are accompanied by our 99.95% uptime guarantee so that you can assure your own customers of the accessibility of their website; we here at Africa appreciate the inconvenience and loss of revenue that can be caused by downtime and so we focus many of our efforts on trying to prevent it where possible. Full support is also provided which is one key method that we use to offer high levels of uptime; 24×7 support for resellers can benefit you in other ways such as:

  • Live Chat support is available through our website 24×7 and ensures that if you need to speak to someone immediately, you are able to contact a fully qualified support technician who will be ready to address your concerns
  • 24×7 server and network monitoring is in place to prevent downtime and if it does occur, ensuring that it has no impact on the performance or availability of your web hosting account.

Choosing a reseller hosting plan from inslyHost will provide you a stable platform on which you can offer your own web hosting plans. As reseller hosting begins to restrict you, a VPS server or dedicated server from inslyHost can form the next step along the way and can help you with the expansion of your business.

Web Hosting Billing Software #

If you are going to be starting your own web hosting business then one of the key considerations that you will need to make at the beginning is the application that you are going to use for the purposes of billing your clients. Web hosting billing applications generally contain a wide variety of features that are aimed at simplifying the management processes associated with a web hosting company; this can include:

  • Providing a support system through which your web hosting clients can create tickets for issues that they are facing; such a system will allow yourself and your clients to keep track of issues and the related correspondence
  • The setup of web hosting accounts can be automated in many cases so that once a client has paid for their order, the software will automatically move to process the order which will mean registering any domains that have been purchased and set up the related web hosting accounts
  • Some billing applications include features that will provide you with the figures necessary to create final accounts for your business, a task that would otherwise take days as you would have to comb through a large collection of invoices for the financial year.

Even though you can always develop your own web hosting billing application, the best solution for many businesses is to choose a third-party application that can provide support for an array of different web hosting control panels. As billing applications are going to be responsible for handling personal information and processing financial transaction, security is of paramount importance and this is the sole reason as to why a third-party application will be a more credible option as high-level coding skills will be necessary to create an application that is equally secure.

Any inslyHost reseller hosting plan will be able to support a third-party or solely developed billing application. As inslyHost uses popular control panels including Plesk and cPanel with our web hosting plans, you will have a good range of billing applications to choose from that will work hand-in-hand with your reseller plan.

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