FAQs about SubDomain

The following are the basic FAQ’s about Subdomains, drafted specifically for beginners: #

What is a Subdomain ? #

Subdomain is basically an extension to your domain URL. It is a prefix followed by a dot (.) to the main domain.

An example of a subdomain would be, our primary domain is InslyHost.com, its subdomain would be blog.InslyHost.com, support.InslyHost.com etc. Users can create any number of sub domains wherein there isn’t any requirement of an approval from an Internet authority.

How to create a sub domain ? #

No matter what package you have, may it be a Cloud Hosting or any other affordable web hosting plan that includes cPanel control panel. You must login to the control panel >> go to “Subdomains” >> Enter the intended name that you want to be known as a sub-domain >> Click “Add

For eg. : Incase we intend to add a subdomain ‘affiliates’ to our primary domain InslyHost.com’, we will have to enter ‘affiliates’ in the required box, choose the domain InslyHost.com’ and hit “Add”.

How to set redirect to a subdomain ? #

You must go to “Subdomains”, choose the desired subdomain which you indent to redirect, hit the “Setup Redirection” button available against it, enter the URL where you want the subdomain to be redirected, then simply hit the “Save” button. Incase intend to have a filename redirection, it is important to use ‘/’ (forward slash) at the end of the destination URL.

Example : http://www.InslyHost.com/ ).

How to revert a redirection set to a sub-domain ? #

Go to “Subdomains” in your cPanel, choose the subdomain which you want to revert, then simple hit the “Remove Redirection” option seen against it.

How to remove a subdomain ? #

Go to Subdomains in cPanel >> Choose the subdomain >> Hit Delete button.

How to allow FTP access to a subdomain ?

In the cPanel, go to FTP Manager >> FTP Accounts >> Add Account >> add FTP details

  • You must use the same name as that of the sub-domain.
  • Enter the intended password
  • Add the same name for the directory that was used for creation of the sub domain.
  • Hit the Create tab

For eg. : If we are supposed to offer an FTP access to affiliates.InslyHost.com, we will have to add ‘affiliates’ in the login and directory fields.

Subdomain isn’t accessible using www. as a prefix, why so ? #

As a default feature, whenever you create a subdomain in cPanel, it should be accessible using www or without it. Unless ofcource, if your designers/developers have made any changes to the configuration file of the domain.

A subdomain has been created, but it doesn’t show up instantly, what do I do ? #

It basically depends on your main domain. If you main domain is working fine, the newly created subdomain too would be accessible instantly.

If you need any assistance regarding the subdomains, please contact our Technical Support department.

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