Functions of VPS Hosting

Q. What are the important functions of VPS Hosting ? #

Ans. Virtual Private Server or ( VPS Hosting ) technology was developed by Web Hosting companies to offer their customers features which were usually reserved for a dedicated server but at a more affordable price. An increasing number of web hosting users needed more flexibility, custom configurations, and root access, and the concept of VPS Hosting fit their needs perfectly.

Following are some of the important functions of VPS Hosting

  1. Root SSH Access/Administrator RDP access on Linux VPS Hosting and Windows VPS Hosting respectively.
  2. Add/Delete/disable/enable/restart VPS’
  3. Manage IP addresses for each VPS’
  4. Backup/Restore VPS’
  5. Schedule Backups
  6. Rebuild VPS’ using a different template
  7. Command Center, which allows you to execute arbitrary commands in the vps and view the output
  8. Integrated Java applet based SSH client
  9. Reset Root Password
  10. File Manager

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