Game server : VPS or Dedicated server ?

Q. Which can be used as good game server, is it VPS or a Dedicated Server? #

We do not recommend using a VPS as a game server since memory and CPU allocations for a VPS are far lesser in comparison to a physical dedicated server. We generally do not recommend a VPS to be used as a Game Server as most of the games are big on resources, which will dramatically slow down the server, which in turn would not be worth the money you would save.

Instead of a VPS, we recommend eNlight Cloud solution for hosting games as eNlight offers auto resource scaling on demand to your server without hampering the performance or reliability. Since most of the games are big on resources, this aspect is managed very well by eNlight as it scales resources up or down depending upon the need. Sudden spikes in resource usage or short traffic bursts intermittently can also be easily covered with eNlight Cloud. As far as the cost of eNlight is concerned, you only pay for the amount of resources you use as per Pay-as-you-go billing model.

If you are looking to host any game on one of eAfrica Dedicated Servers, we also provide assistance with game installations at no additional cost for Dedicated Server Hosting customers. Our network backbone is of 15 gbps and each dedicated server gets minimum 1gbps uplink as well as downlink speed which ensures best performance for online gaming.

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