General Web Hosting FAQ’s

In whose name you register domains? #

All domains registered with us are under the name of the clients.

Why is my domain not working? #

If you registered your domain with us recently, then maybe the DNS are not propagated completely. The registered domain normally becomes available after 24 hours after the registration. If you have registered the domain with other registrar, you will need to change the DNS with the one’s provided by us and wait for it to get fully propagate. DNS propagation usually takes 12-24 hours.


Can you help me to migrate my current website from existing web hosting provider? #

Yes, if you decide to move your website to inslyHost, just make sure you have WHM/cPanel, Plesk or DotNetPanel control panel with your existing web host, so that we can migrate your site on our servers.

What is the maximum file size I can upload to your server? #

The default maximum file size you can upload on the server is 2MB. Uploading the file size more than 2 MB may cause performance issues.

What are the Permissions CHMOD? #

Permissions CHMOD are the access rights, the attributes of a file or directory, which indicates a server who can do what with the corresponding file or directory. Generally, permissions CHMOD determine actions such as reading, writing or execution to a file or directory.

Does your hosting allows websites at “https” protocol? #

In order to get your site on https protocol, you can order a shared as well as a dedicated SSL certificate from us, using it you can connect your website via an encrypted protocol SSL “https”.

Do you have any PHP modules URL installed? #

Yes, we have installed a PHP module cURL, on all of our servers.

Does your hosting supports a modular program that is PHP function include () include_once ()? #

Yes,inslyHost service supports the modularity of programs and functions include () and all others like it possible to write programs of the blocks, which provides a more convenient work with the programs. These functions will work completely in all programming languages that are installed on our servers from PHP to C++.

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