Getting started with your Windows Hosting Account

Q. How to get started with your Windows Hosting account? #

Ans. First thing you need to do is login in your control panel using the URL sent in welcome email.

Your control panel login URL for windows hosting account is :-


[alert]Note : You can use the domain name in place of IP address if your domain name is registered with us and your nameservers have been properly pointed to the nameservers specified in the welcome email.[/alert]

Login with the username and password sent to you in the welcome email. On top you will see email Icon on which you need to click to setup your email accounts. Create your mailbox with a specific password and assign 10000 Kb quota to your mailbox or keep it unlimited for comfort. Dont enable control panel login for that mailbox.

We’ve also sent FTP login details in welcome email so use those ftp login details and upload your webpages inside the httpdocs directory which will show when you login using FTP information. If you don’t have a FTP software then use following URL by changing username and password with those sent in the welcome email :-

ftp://username:[email protected]/

Once all directories get listed then upload your contents inside httpdocs. If you wish to send or check emails then open following URL –


Type your mailbox which you created and put respective password that you assigned. You can also configure your mailbox in outlook so take a look at outlook tutorials located in our support section at

You may find things uncomfortable initially but you have to go through this steps to establish your web presence. We have 24×7 livechat and ticket support so feel free to contact our support team to help you. We will be there till you get comfortable with the control panel and put your website online.

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