How is VPS hosting different than Shared hosting?

Q. How is a VPS different than shared hosting? #

Ans. What is Shared Hosting ?

Shared Hosting is a type of Web Hosting Service, in which multiple websites and users “share” a server. This is often the affordable cost hosting service available, because the hosting provider is able to spread the expense of the server across a large group of paying customers.

Shared hosting is not always well suited for all types of websites, There are certain websites which get high traffic. Usually, those websites which get high traffic are the ones who opt for a VPS or a dedicated server.

What is VPS Hosting ?

In case of VPS Hosting, one physical server is partitioned into multiple private servers. Although you are still sharing a server with other clients, yet you get your own private share of this server. With the help of isolation, your website performance will not be affected by the other clients who share the same server. Each client has his own virtual private space in which they can host/run applications of their choice. Clients who opt for VPS Hosting get the type of features similar to dedicated server hosting.

How is VPS hosting different than Shared hosting ?

A VPS (Virtual Private Server) eliminates restrictions usually associated with shared hosting by giving you the power and flexibility of a dedicated server with your own set of services and customizable disk space. Shared hosting is limited in comparison to VPS Hosting as its users do not have administrative access and software configurations cannot be customized, despite the fact that physical resources are also multiplexed. With VPS Hosting, you can control your own unique file system and CGI-BIN, disk space, system resources and bandwidth.

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