How many VPS’s are hosted per physical machine?

Q. How many VPS’s do you host per physical machine? #

Ans. We keep 3 VPS Hosting nodes in rotation for new order and we setup 10-15 VPS Hosting accounts on one nodes. It also depends upon the VPS plans which need to be setup on the node i.e. if we need to setup five L-VPS-03 accounts on the node then then we will be able to create only 10-15 VPS. We use high specification Quad Core Xeon processor servers with 8 GB RAM and mirrored hard drives which allows us the flexibility to setup 10-15 VPS’s on a single node without hampering the overall performance of each VPS. At any given point of time, we keep 35-40% resources free on the server which is done to cover up for any emergencies or spikes in usage.

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