How to Add Google Search for your WordPress website

Google web search is a search engine that is owned by Google Inc. The primary purpose of Google search engine is to search text on document offered by web servers that are publicly accessible.

Adding Google Search to a WordPress Website #

In your WP dashboard scroll on the Plugins widget

Type WP Google Search in the in the Plugin Search Box

Install and activate the Plugin WP Google Search

Now select Settings >>> WP Google Search to configure the plugin settings.

WP Google Search plugin requires Google Search Engine id.
To obtain the id visit Google Custom Search Engine

After Sign-in click on New Search Engine link on the above left side.

Provide the URL of your WordPress Website in Sites to Search

Then select your website Language. Click the CREATE button and continue.


The following message will be displayed on screen. Click on the Control Panel button.

In the Control Panel click on the Search Engine ID and copy the search engine ID.

After that click on Look and feel.

Select the Layout tab >>> Results Only and click on the Save Button.

After this go to your WordPress website.

Select Setting >>>WP Google Search

In the ID box paste the Google Search Engine ID:  0093031042026_ _ _ _ _ _ _:mcaakid_ _ _ _ _
and click Save Changes

Once done scroll on Appearance>>>Widgets.

There you will see WP Google Search Widget below the Available Widgets.

To a sidebar where you wish to display the search, drag and drop the widget and click on Save.

Now you can visit your website to see the search form.

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