How To Add Skype Share Button For Your WordPress Website

Skype is one the most prevalent communication applications in the world that specializes in providing voice call services and video chat. Let see how to add Skype share in WordPress.

Adding Skype Share Button In WordPress #

First install and activate the Plugin Skype share.

After activation, select Settings >>> Skype share button options

Click on Setting to configure the plugin

To permit the Skype share button, tick the Enable share button option.

Select a Style for the Skype share button from the available choices in the drop down menu –

  • Large Share
  • Small Share
  • Circle Icon
  • Square Icon

Select the location to display the Skype share button on the article from the following available options:

  • bottom of the article
  • top of the article
  • both bottom and top

Skype share is adept to auto detect the language of your WordPress website. In case, it does not then select the language manually.

Click on Save Changes button to save the settings.

Once this is completed, you can see the Skype share button functioning on your website.

How to Manually add Skype Share in the WordPress Template #

To manually add Skype share in your theme files, you need to follow the below code.

In the head section of your file, you need to add the following script. This can be directly done by editing the header.php file or by making use of Enqueue scripts.

Now in your single.php, index.php, loop.php, category.php, index.php and archive.php add the following code given that it is placed in the post loop.


The data-style can be changed to small, large, square or circle. Even the language can be set to the desired language.

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