How to auto delete Emails on cPanel

cPanel is the easiest to understand and flexible control panel in the hosting industry because of its GUI. You can have many additions to make any changes and upgrades to your hosting account through cPanel.  cPanel hosting is simple and powerful at the same time offering a high degree of stability and security. The latest version is 11.xx. cPanel offers the possibility to easily manage all services related to the domain, with a simple click on the icons on the panel. You can add e-mail accounts, gives direct access to files, activate a MySQL database, back up your files, install a shopping cart and many more features are available in cPanel. The use of the panel is simplified thanks to a well-designed user-friendly interface.

Lets see how to auto delete Emails on cPanel : #

You need to set the cron by using cpanel >> cronjob and add the following command to run in cron.

 /usr/bin/archivemail –quiet –delete –days 20 /home/{USER}/mail/inbox

By using above command you can delete the 20 days old emails.

[alert]Note: Make sure you replace {USER} with your actual cPanel Hosting account username.[/alert]

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