How to backup a database from phpBB

phpBB is called as PHP Bulletin board. It is a popular and free forum package developed in PHP scripting language under the GNU General Public License. phpBB is an open source free software. It is a pre installed language packs, styles and several mods which can be turned on in various combinations with only few mouse clicks. PhpBB has few requirements for example web page hosting account running on any major Operating System with support of PHP, MySQL databases support and 4.0 and greater PHP versions. It is a simple administration interface and styles used to  customize the application according to a webmaster requirements.

Back up is an important thing and to back up a PhpBB data base certain steps has to be followed : #

1) To take back up you need a successful Login at phpBB.

2) Administration control panel will appear with different features to configure phpBB forum with different options and Function.

3) A list of tab at the navigation of the interface would appear with different options for example General, Forum, Users and Groups and Maintenance, Style. Click on Maintenance it will redirect you to Admin log where you find Back up option at the left side menu named with a link ‘Back up’.

4) Click on back up and you will have different options for taking back up with Full, Structure only and Data only. Select one of the back up type, File type, Action and All tables or some particular table to take back up.

5) Click Submit and a small window will appear and asking you to save your database with the defined File type by you at previous step.

6) Click on Save to take backup and PhpBB back up has been secured.

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