How To Brand Your Reseller Hosting Plesk Control Panel With Your Own Logo ?

Most of the beginners starting as a hosting reseller don’t even know that they can brand their reseller hosting business by setting up their own logo in to the plesk control panel. Now lets learn how to brand your reseller hosting business with your own custom made logo in to Plesk control panel.

How to setup your own logo in to Plesk Control Panel ? #

Step 1: Login into your Plesk control panel.

Step 2: On your Plesk control panel home screen under the Tools section, find the “Logo Setup” icon and simply click on it.


Step 3: On the “Logo Setup” page use the Browse button to select a logo to place in to your control panel.


Step 4: Enter the destination URL, where you want people to navigate after clicking on your logo and hit the “OK” button.

That’s it! Now, your new logo should have replaced the original Plesk logo in your Plesk control panel as well as for all your customer’s plesk control panels. This is one of the best way to brand your web reseller hosting business.

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