How to Browse Internet from Linux Shell Command line

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Searching for a term on Google is an easy task with the browser, but with surfraw it all goes out on a compact command directly from the shell. You must call, such as the machine only with the desired service and term:

surfraw google notebook

This is interesting not only for console junkies and administrators, it also saves some time if you have any way to open a terminal window. In addition, surfraw can also be  install in your own shell scripts. It will display the search results for the term notebooks on the screen.

Commissioning #

surfraw offer most distributions on about their package manager. On Ubuntu, you have only the package surfraw import and accept the list of dependencies:

sudo apt-get install surfraw

The command for which search engines, Internet services and online stores surfraw support or betrays:

surfraw -elvi

The abbreviations listed in the first column, you just have to pass to the tool as the second parameter. Usually they are identical to the domain name of the search engine or the service. Then passed by the abbreviation text interpreted surfraw as a search term. The following command finds, for example, all video to Linux Mint on YouTube:

surfraw youtube "linux mint"

Fine Tuning #

Some of the services may still be influenced via parameters. Thus, in a Google search yields of call:

surfraw google -results = 2 notebooks

Only the first two results for the query notebooks back. What are the parameters for the service are ready, betrays an appended h. The possible parameters for Google lists, for example:

surfraw google h

The Google search can be influenced by many parameters.

Focusing on the essentials,

The results presented by surfraw in the default browser, which is generally pulls the tool on Firefox. This can be changed in the hidden configuration file in your home directory.Surfraw. conf applying and using a text editor, by entering the following line in it:

SURFRAW_graphical = no

After saving used surfraw to display a text browser, the one operated via the keyboard. If you want to specify a specific text browser adds in the configuration file the following line:

SURFRAW_text_browser = lynx

After the equal sign the text is for the browser, in this case surfraw command is used for the lynx browser call.

In any case, start surfraw the browser not as a separate process, so you have to stop him to continue working in the Terminal Window.

Finally, can the elongated surfraw or by the abbreviation sr replace:

sr google notebook

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