How to Buy Web Space

There have been many enquiries recently about how to buy web space or how much webspace is really required for a website. Hence with an intention of offering a brief idea about the approximate amount of space that a particular website requires has been covered in this article.

Basic Knowledge #

If your website consists of text content with not much images or any forms of media, then you definitely do not need a lot of web hosting space. Storage space of upto 1 Gb would be sufficient for such a website. InslyHost has designed plans in a way that it should be more than sufficient for a website to function optimally over the web. The bandwidth and other resources that are allocated to each account has been done after an extensive research and considering the general requirements.

Usually a website consisting of normal HTML pages require minimal storage space. But varies according to the content that is poured in, which maybe flash, images, video, heavy graphics etc.

Image Based website Content #

Incase, you have a website that has a good volume of images, you are required to have a little more storage space with your web hosting package. Though, a single GB would suffice your initial requirements, but later with the increase in your website content (text, images etc) you would gradually need to add more space to your hosting account ie. you’ll need to upgrade to a higher package that is suitable for your website’s current requirements.

Also, unless you have really high-definition images added to your website pages, you would not require much diskspace. But if you do have multiple images, then a package that offers upto 10 Gb of Disk space should be fine. But, if your current data is more than 10 Gb, then a Cheap VPS hosting account can be considered.

Media Based Website Content #

If a website contains video and audio files or is a website consisting of online games (flash based) or offers multimedia files, then you should ideally look for a web hosting package that offers good amount of storage space and a decent bandwidth allocation.

Streaming Web Site #

Nowa-days there has been a trend of websites offering video and audio streaming. If you have such a website or are planning to create a similar website, you definitely need to look forward to hosting it on a dedicated web hosting server where you would get dedicated resources and optimum performance. Since, it is difficult to predict the traffic on such websites at a given point of time, you cannot really host it on a shared platform. The basic reason being, such websites require high performance servers, and with hosting packages other than dedicated, the servers resources are shared between number of customers hosted on the server. Hence, there lies a possibility where you might fall short of resources when other accounts too have been using the server to the fullest.

Still, if you have any doubts regarding the selection of a suitable web hosting package, you can get in touch with our sales team, they would assist you with an appropriate solution that suits your requirements.

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