How to Configure Virtuozzo power panel Interface?

The Virtuozzo Power Panel also called as VZPP delivers a  functionality which provides you to  work as  a  VPS administrator with the  ability to manage VPS with any Web browser on an any platform.  VZPP allows you to manage Virtual Private Servers on Hardware Nodes running on both  Windows and on different versions of Linux operating systems. VZPP operational work are same for  both operating systems but there are some features which are particular to only  Windows 2003 Server and as well as for Linux.

Now lets understand some steps for configuring VZPP to increase the easiness in Virtual Environment: #

  • The first step is to make a successful logging at your Virtuozzo power panel for Cheap windows VPS hosting account. You will see a small text written on the top of the windows “VPS is running at the moment” with the used space.
  • A scroll bar at the left with VPS management tab and scroll down to Other section at the bottom and you will see Configure.
  • Click on Configure and you will see VZPP configure screen where you can change the VZPP displays. It will show you a simple table with different options like Interface skin, Statues bar refresh, Interface language,  Local time zone and Contact E-mail with buttons Up Level,  Submit and Cancel.
  • To change the Interface link click on the Interface skin and select different options from the drop down list. This will change the way VZPP looks for example different icons, colors, layout and many more. This is basically used to change the Interface of VZPP.
  • As the same with different options stated in the table changes have been made on this page will take effect after clicking on the Submit button.
  • Status Bar option allows you to set how often the system will refresh the status bar located at the top of every VZPP screen.
  • Interface menu allows you to choose a language in which your VZPP is to be displayed.
  • Contact E-mail address is used where your password and other information will be sent if your forget it in any circumstances.
  • Click to Submit the changes which has been made by you and we have successfully re configured our VZPP interface.
  • If you need it be the Default interface then again click over Configure and this will redirect you to the configuration section.

These simple steps are required to configure your VZPP interface including changes to skins, language display and stetting your contact E-mail address.

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