How to connect to your web server using Secure Shell (SSH)?

SSH – an abbreviation for Secure SHell, a remote shell access to our Unix-based Servers. All the SSH commands are encrypted and are secure in numerous ways. You give commands to a server online, and he executes them and displays the results, performing at the same time you requested actions. Both the ends of the client / server connections are authenticated with a digital certificate, and passwords which are protected by being encrypted. SSH is mostly used by the network administrators to have a better control over web and servers remotely.

The web server you will be connecting to should run SSH as well as a secure shell client must be running on your own machine. To get a secure shell client, go through the following easy steps:

1) Assuming that you are running windows, download the SSH client from the below url, if you are running other than windows, find some other PuTTY download alternatives here:

For Windows, download PuTTY from here:

2) Save the downloaded file on your desktop and simply run the .exe file by double clicking on it.

3) It should look something like the image shown below, which will ask what server do you want to connect.


4) Just enter your servers IP and Port and then click on Open.

5) Enter the username and password of your account in order to connect.


6) Now, change to the root user, type: su –

That’s it!

You have now successfully logged into your web server with SSH.

To get more comfortable with it, go through the basic SSH commands which will help you in administering your linux server.

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