How to create FTP accounts in Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel

How to create FTP accounts in Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel ? #

Creating FTP accounts in Plesk is a very simple task. You simply need to follow the below steps : #

Step 1 : Log-in to your Plesk control panel #


Step 2 : Look for the option that says “FTP Accounts” and click the same #


Step 3 : You should now get an option which states “ Add New FTP Account ” #



Step 4 : Add a desired FTP account name in the adjacent box #


Step 5 : You can change the default directory “/httpdocs” by clicking the file icon #


Step 6 : Enter the desired FTP password for the account in the two boxes adjacent to the titles “New Password” and “Confirm Password#


Step 7 : You must now set restrictions to the disk space you wish to allot to a particular FTP account #

Step 8 : Specify the permissions you wish to allow for the user and accordingly check the boxes against “Read permission ” and “Write permission ” #



Step 9 : Click Ok and check using your favorite FTP client whether you are able to login using the details. #


How to Delete FTP Account in Plesk ? #

An FTP account can be deleted in few simple steps:

Step 1 : In the FTP account manager, you can find a list of FTP accounts #

Step 2 : Check the box against the FTP account(s) you wish to delete #


Step 3 : On top of the list, you can find an option stating “Remove“, clicking it would display a confirmation screen. #


Step 4 : Check the box against “Confirm removal“ and hit the OK tab. This would delete the FTP accounts from Plesk. #


No matter if you have an Affordable Web Hosting package or a Dedicated Hosting plan, you can manage your FTP accounts using the FTP Manager.

If you need assistance with creating FTP accounts, please contact our support department via. Live Chat or raise a ticket stating the domain for which you wish to create FTP account(s).

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