How to Create Multiple Accounts using WHM

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WHM is the admin control panel for web hosting resellers. Through WHM you can administer your VPS/Reseller account and all of its accounts.

Creating a cPanel #

1.Login to the WHM.

2. Click Account Functions and Click “Create a New Account.”

3. In Domain Information enter the domain, username, password (twice) and the contact email address

4. Select the Package your have already created.

5. Set the theme and language of the cPanel.

6. Under DNS Settings choose which nameservers will be set in the records and the SPF and DKIM records that will be held in the local DNS nameserver tables.

7. Select how the mail is to be handled under Mail Routing Settings and Click Create.

Your account will be created successfully!

Once an account is created you can login into cPanel for that particular account using http://IP Address:2082 (IP Address = Actual IP address of the server) or cPanel is a user control panel where users can administer their account and hosted websites. Using cPanel clients can also add FTP, MySQL and e-mail accounts.

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