How to easily Configure Your SFTP Client

Most of the users prefer to use SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) because File Transfer Protocol (FTP) cannot assure security. SFTP renders file transfer; access and management tools that are similar to FTP via secure SSH connection. Still, SFTP is a separate protocol.

Setting Description Possible values Example


Hostname of the server


IP address or a valid hostname


IT depends if the client combines FTP and SFTP functionality


SSH port number The port number on which sshd listens. Valid positive integer “22” which is SSH Remote Login Protocol
Username The SSH username which client uses to connect to the server.


• root

• A valid cPanel account username.

The username that you have set
Password The SSH password of the user A password that is secure thepassword123
Private Key The SSH private key for the user The absolute path to a private key file on your local machine. c:\data\id_dsa

Note: If you see a warning such as unknown host key, and if you don’t want to this message to be displayed again, accept the key and save it on your PC.


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