How to Embed a Youtube Video in a WordPress Post?

Nowadays users are more interested in watching a short video rather than reading a long blog post. As video gives detailed information about the subject, which is easy to understand.  Also,  adding a video in your blog post helps in improving user engagement.  But when it comes to embedding a video in WordPress many users find it difficult. So here we are sharing a step by step guide to embed video in a WordPress blog post.

Step 1: Log into WordPress

Step 2: Go to your posts section and add a post or you can edit one

Step 3: Click on the text version of Editor.

Step 4: Put an [ embed ] code and paste the URL of Youtube video you want to embed.

Step 5: Now, you can see the preview in Visual version of Editor.

Step 6: Once the video size and preview is fine, you can make it Live.

Congratulations your video is ready for streaming.


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