How to Enable Directi Domain Registrations in DotNetNuke

Once you have logged into your DotNetPanel reseller control panel, you see different ‘Account Menus’ on the left hand side toolbar viz Customers, Spaces, Hosting plans, Hosting add-ons etc. There you see an option of ‘Ecommerce Admin’, with two options : 1) Ecommerce settings 2) Billing cycles. Click on the e commerce Settings.

You will get three options in bold and sub options below each of them :
1) Payment Methods :
Credit Card Payment
Checkout payment
Paypal account payment
Offline payment

2) Domain Registrars :
Enom Registrar
Directi Registrar

3) Miscellaneous & Automation :
Click on the Directi Registrar and continue. Next you will see the Directi Registrar Settings Window. Enter your Directi Username, then the Password. If ready to connect tick the Live Mode. Check Secure channel to connect securely to Directi. When finished, click on the Save Settings tab. That’s it. The Directi Registrar is active, so users can register domain names.
You can see the Directi Registrar option is ACTIVE.
Domain Registrars
Enom Registrar
Directi Registrar (Active)

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