How to Export Traffic Statistics from WordPress?

Getting a detailed traffic report of your website is necessary for analyzing your visitors and getting the information required for talking decisions.

WordPress by itself does not provide any website traffic stats and if you are using cPanel then you might rely on AWStats for getting the required data but it is limited to posts with certain amount of traffic and does not provide a complete picture of your website traffic. You can also use Google Analytics but it also has certain restrictions. For instance, if you have a blog with huge amount of posts and you need an individual post statistic then it is not easily available. This is where the trouble begins!

If you are familiar with WordPress then you can always use a plugin which does this for you but all the plugins usually provide the statistics from the period you start using them. If you are using a plugin since the inception of your website then all you need to worry about it getting the data out of the plugin.

I have experimented with different plugins to find out what works best for getting the detailed stats on visitors and there some pros and cons to each. The Wassup plugin does with current visitors and gives a fair bit of information. There are various other plugins like WP Slimstat and Statpress which record all the data in a SQL database. However, you cannot export this data from the plugin itself and if you do not clear it then after your database may become huge and unmanageable only Statpress allows you to export before clearing the data.

However, if you wanted to use some other plugin then you would have to delete your data. Or would you? Well, you can work your way into getting your data from the SQL database in the desired format and not lose it. Here’s how:

  1. The Adminer plugin allows you to manage your SQL DB from WordPress itself.
  2. Install Adminer Plugin
  3. Run it from ‘Tools’ menu.
  4. Choose your WP database and click Dump on the top left.

(Note: Only choose the database you want to export which would be xx_wassup for the Wassup plugin)

5. Choose the CSV format and click Export.

There you go. All the stats you needed in the workable format.

What if I do not have a plugin installed? #

If you want to export old traffic statistics where the plugin would do no good as it can only gather data since the time you installed it. In that case you can only rely on the data which is already present on the server of your web host and you see it in AWStats.

Exporting Data out of AWStats #

In MS-Excel you can use the option to import data:

  1. Open a New Excel Book and Save it.
  2. Go to Data Tab
  3. Click on From Web
  4. Enter the URL of the page (AWStats-From where we want to import the data)
  5. Select (Check) the table
  6. Hit Import

Now all the data from the respective AWStats page should be imported into the Excel Book. Go ahead and do the desired analysis. If you are not familiar with managing plugins on your WordPress website then you can contact the support department and get the desired plugins installed and start using them.

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