How to Generate and Add Quick Response Codes in WordPress

QR code which is an acronym for Quick Response code, it’s the symbol for a type of matrix barcode which is two dimensional. Basically, a barcode which is an optical label that is machine readable and contains information. A QR code is displayed as an image with a white background, black square dots, and grid in a container which is square in shape. The advent of barcode scanner apps in smartphones has increased the use of QR codes on virtual stores, online communities, and websites.

How to Add QR Codes in WordPress Website

First in your WP dashboard come on the plugins widget.

Then in the search plugin box search for QR Code Generator.

Install the Plugin QR Code Generator.

Then activate the Plugin.

Once the plugin is activated using the plugin is very simple. To generate the QR code inside your pages or posts use the below shortcode:

[qrcode content=" place your content here" size="200" alt="QrCode" class="qrcode" credit="FALSE"]

[alert]Note: The content which you want to encrypt must go inside the content parameter [content=]
The size of the image can be adjusted as per the requirement in the size parameter [size=]
The credit parameter, when set to false, will make sure that the authors’ website link will not be included in your QR code. [/alert]
Shortcodes can also be used in the text widget on the sidebar.

If the QR code is not visible in the text widget, post usage of the shortcode, add the following line to .php file of your theme function.

add_filter('widget_text', 'do_shortcode);

QR codes help smartphone users to save URLs by scanning the QR code.
QR codes can be used for providing various information like contact details, social profiles, addresses and other types of content etc.

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